Delta Verein Windhoek

Since the foundation of the German School Windhoek (DSW) in 1970 and the subsequent establishment of the upper school and the kindergarten, the parents of the three German institutions have been represented by their parent body. With the change of name to Delta School, the two schools each had to elect a school board under state supervision.
The parents of the schools and the kindergarten joined forces to form the Delta Association Windhoek (DVW), so that the property and funds could be preserved.

The association is now also the administrative office for the teachers employed under private law at the two schools and the kindergarten.
For the preservation and promotion of the German language at the Delta Instances, the DVW is a member association of the AGDS.
More information about the Delta schools and the association can be found on the websites or ‘social media’.

German School Association Grootfontein

Grootfontein’s German-speaking minority has been campaigning for its mother tongue and culture for decades. The Grootfontein German School Association was founded in 1961. It is the sponsor of the German Pupils’ Home and the German Private School that has been established in the meantime.

  • German Private School Grootfontein & German Pupils’ Home

German School Association Omaruru

The German Private School Omaruru was founded in 1995 and belongs to the German School Association together with the kindergarten and the pupils’ home.
The task of the board is to maintain the dormitory, kindergarten and the school.
The aim and task of the school is to teach the German language and culture. This is done through teaching as well as targeted support measures, for example language support, afternoon care for the kindergarten children so that they can start school at the DPSO.

German School Association Otavi

The German School Association Otavi is committed to the preservation, maintenance and promotion of the German language and culture and also supports these goals financially.

German School Association Otjiwarongo

The German School Association Otjiwarongo has evolved from the development association founded in 1974 and has been active in its current form since 2001.
The primary task of the German School Association Otjiwarongo is to work for the preservation, maintenance and promotion of the German language and culture and to support these goals financially. This is done through close cooperation with our member associations Private German School Home Otjiwarongo, Private School Otjiwarongo and German Mother Tongue Department of Otjiwarongo Secondary School.

German School Association Swakopmund

The German School Society Swakopmund (DSS) was founded in 1999, but emerged from the German Parents’ Association, which had supported the schools in Swakopmund since the beginning of the 20th century.
The DSS is a non-profit association that strives to preserve the German language and culture in its member schools, kindergartens and the Swakopmund community.

German School Association Windhoek 1949

The German School Society Windhoek (1949) is the sponsor of the German Higher Private School Windhoek (DHPS), the only German school abroad in Namibia and part of the worldwide network of 135 German schools abroad.

As an integrated encounter school, the DHPS has been a guarantor of excellent academic education for more than 110 years. Pupils learn together in the toddler group, kindergarten, pre-school, boarding, primary and secondary schools.

The students are accompanied by an international teaching staff whose educational commitment is to each and every student. Students with all their strengths and weaknesses are also individually supported and challenged in the school’s own DHPS Diagnostic and Support Centre.

The academic programme offers pupils from a wide range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds the chance to strive for the German International Abitur, the German Realschulabschluss, the Cambridge Certificate and the German Language Diploma and to realise their individual educational goals in an increasingly international world.

Exchange within the network of schools abroad as well as nationwide is very important – be it in the context of sports olympics and (inter-) national competitions, or in music, such as the orchestra meeting in southern Africa. The DHPS choir and wind class, which is unique in Africa, lays an important foundation for this.

The bilingual education of all pupils is an important advantage that DHPS graduates bring with them when they start their careers or studies. DHPS alumni study and work successfully in a wide variety of fields and in numerous countries in Africa, Europe and the world.

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