Welcome to Arbeits & Fördergemeinschaft der Deutschen Schulvereine in Namibia 

Preservation and maintenance of the German language in Namibia


The preservation, maintenance and promotion of the German language and German culture in Namibia through targeted promotion and support of all member associations


To raise funds of whatever kind, to administer them and to use them for the aims and tasks of the AGDS.


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Greeting by the Chairperson: Sonja Pack

“We stand for the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Schulvereine in Namibia” or the AGDS for short. In order to strengthen the German language in schools, we promote German as a mother tongue already in kindergarten.

Since language is an expression and carrier of culture, we finance projects such as the reading competition, the cultural festival and the essay competition; we offer German teachers scholarships and teacher conferences. We support educators and primary school teachers with further training courses that are geared towards promoting children’s language skills.”

Why German?

The mother tongue remains part of personal identity, the language opens up social and cultural integration. A multilingual identity is to be maintained and developed. Multilingualism in its transculturality implies intercultural competence, which is to be promoted and used for active participation in Namibia’s social development.

AGDS Executive

Sonja Pack (Chairperson), Sonja Bartlewski, Carola Hornickel, Karola Redecker, Sylvia Schlettwein, Kai-Uwe Schonecke, Gerda Wittmann

Would you like to support the AGDS?

To ensure the German Language and culture is maintained in Namibia the AGDS relies on funds by its members and also donations by supporters. 

Our Members

Find out more about the members of the AGDS, spread all over Namibia. 

Deutscher Schulverein Swakopmund

Deutscher Schulverein Otavi

Deutsche Privatschule Grootfontein

Delta Verein Windhoek

DHPS Windhoek

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Projects organised by the AGDS

The AGDS organises the below Projects in support of promoting the German culture and language in Namibia. To find out more about these please make contact with us. 

Projekt Lilie

One man's death is another man's bread. This proverb also applies to Project Lily, which was launched after the dissolution of the Karibib Private School and is supported by its bequest of more than N$ 10 million.


Through the initiative of the Grootfontein Private School - teachers Giersch, Lakemeier, Oestlund and Zensi - the essay competition for German-speaking primary school pupils was launched in 2012 under the auspices of the German Cultural Council.


The Kurt Böhme Speech Competition was held for the first time on 19 August 1988 in the DOSW auditorium (now DSSW) as part of the festive week for the inauguration of the new buildings of the Ddeutsche Oberschule Windhoek.

German for the start of school

Deutsch für den Schulstart- is an advanced training course developed by the University of Heidelberg.

Horst Kreft Lesefest

On 24 March 1987, the reading festival was held for the first time under the motto "Reading is fun".


The German Culture Festival has taken place every year in turn at Namibian German schools since 1995, under the auspices of the German Cultural Council (DKR).


The annual Dieter Esslinger Teachers' Conference, named after one of its founders and former AGDS Chairperson, Dieter Esslinger, is an in-service training for teachers and educators from all over Namibia who teach German.


The AGDS has been awarding scholarships to Namibian teacher trainees for primary and secondary education for years.

Workshops with Daniel Kallauch

In September 2024 we are planning a show and several workshops with Daniel Kallauch in close cooperation with the DHPS, the Kindergarten Network and the German Church of Namibia.

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